2018 girls popular short hair

2018 girls popular short hair. Summer is coming soon, Xiaobian can not help but recommend a wave of refreshing short hair, let’s take a look at it.

The standard of this girls short hair is short bangs, the bangs of the eyebrows as the trend of the past two years, and the combination of short hair is more fashionable, a short hair with super personality. The most common is the neat bangs with a round wave head, the bangs and the two sides of the cut are all super, cut really but super cute, instantly transformed into a Japanese cute girl.

girls popular short hair

2018 girls popular short hair

Short straight hair with eyebrows bangs, fresh short straight hair is often suitable for tidy bangs combined to age, the bangs hair tail is cut short, is a fresh short bangs hairstyle, a little shorter in the middle, a little longer on both sides, with The short hair of three centimeters under the ear is the age of the second to change the baby face!

A short bangs Bobo hair, red and brown wave head with a love-like short bangs cute and smart. Asymmetrical comma bangs is also very useful in decorating the forehead. Bangs fluffy, the forehead is so high, suitable for the hairline high sister.

The short hair in the shoulders and the short bangs are absolutely aura. Emphasizing the texture of the hair, the feeling is that the round face is also very cute.

Korean style air bangs short hair, ultra-thin bangs and hair color with more foreign style, plus hot roll is also super small face. Suitable for mature women’s short hair, simple and capable commuter style.

The student’s sister is suitable for the mid-wave head. The length of the neck of the wave head is also very temperament. The hair hangs down to super-modify the face. And the neck curve is exposed, giving a feeling of slenderness and temperament.

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