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The following article introduces the wig hairstyle matching of the square face, the wig hairstyle matching of the round face, the wig hairstyle matching of the long face, and the wig hairstyle matching of the diamond face.

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Square face wig hairstyle matching

Because the edges are not protruding and feminine, the waveform should be used to compensate for the angular feeling, highlighting the vertical lines of the face, and making the face round or elliptical.

If you choose a long hair style, it is best to burn all the hair into a soft big wave, forming a loose feeling around the face.

This type of face is most likely to leave short hair, especially ultra-short sports head. The forehead is wide and therefore uses five or five points to reduce the visual impact of the width. Leave a natural curl on the side of the rim, symmetrical on both sides. Hair style is better with long hair. If you are short and should not stay long hair, it is best to choose short shoulders.

People with square faces generally have a wide forehead, and the chin has a prominent cheekbones. Here we recommend a short hair that can show the special charm of the square face: add different layers on the popular neck-necked hair, the tail hair is rough-flowed, and the hair flows forward, covering part of the face, making the face feel smaller. Lively and novel. Comb before the hair ends, covering the two cheeks, can cover the protrusion of the chin bone. If you comb backwards, don’t thin it. The thick hair layer can make the cheeks on both sides look slim.

Round face wig hairstyle

The person with a round face is best to use five or five points, and the hair seam must be straight and clear. The hair style avoids hot and blowing, but uses a simple and natural cut. Due to the coverage of the hair, many round faces look like oblate circles, so hair should be kept on both sides of the cheeks, not to mention a large curl of hair, which will increase the width of the face, and the trick is to make the head The top of the hair is short and raised, with a certain height, tightening the hair on both sides.

No matter whether it is long hair or short hair, you can’t leave a long bangs, and your hair should avoid partial deviation, otherwise it will make people feel bigger. For example, before leaving the bangs, you should also pay attention to leaving a little less. The bangs are slightly thinner from the tip of the hair, which reflects the sharpness. If you have long hair, you should use the middle slit to make the hair flow to the sides, so that the round face has a mature impression. People are top-heavy, and the appropriate hair style is thinned on both sides, pulled to the back of the head, and the thickness of the hair layer on the top of the head is appropriately increased. This will make the face look longer, increase the sense of stability, and not lose sweetness.

Long face wig hairstyle matching

Generally, people with long faces tend to be old. The reason is that the distance from the eyes to the corners of the mouth is long and the forehead is exposed. Therefore, in order to show the charm of this face, the key is to make it have a gorgeous and clear expression. Gorgeous performance should visually shorten the length of the face, while also showing a calm temperament. Hanging down the bangs before the forehead is a key remedy. If you choose a hairstyle, you may want to make a thorough change. It is a good way to quickly establish a new image.

Cute round face beauty – what type of wig is suitable for

★ Face shape is one of the most important factors in determining hair style, and hair style can modify face shape due to its variability. The former is the coordination of the hairstyle and the face, and the latter is the defect of using the hairstyle to make up for the face.

The methods are:

★ Set off the law. Use the hair on both sides and a part of the top of the top to change the contour of the face, distracting the original slim or wide head and face.

★ Covering method. Use the hair to form a suitable line or block to mask the inconsistencies and defects in certain parts of the head and face.

★ Filling method. The wide and long waves are used to fill the slender head and neck, and the hair and hair can be used to fill the imperfections of the head and face, or decorated with a headgear.

★ If the face is round, try to make it stretch. You can receive this effect by raising your forehead and adding more hair to both ears. It is advisable to cut long straight hair around the face or store it on your shoulders. It can be divided, but the hair should be covered on both sides of the cheek. If you store it under your ear and the hair on the left and right sides bulges, your face will look more rounded.

★ The hair style is not long enough to make the face more fat, so the hair style suitable for the face is only long, straight or short and thick. Long straight hair can cover the fat face. When combing, the hair tail should be treated thinner. Although the short hair can’t cover the face, it can highlight the outline and look very spirited.

Long face wig hairstyle matching

The long-faced person is born with an indescribable noble temperament, and is the face that the ancient lady loved. But if the face is too long, it becomes a horse face. And because people with long faces have sharper chins and thin cheeks, they are more delicate and lifeless. Therefore, people with long face shape should appropriately widen the width of their forehead when choosing hair style, highlighting noble temperament and masking the morbid beauty. A person with a long face is best to use a two-eighth or a nine-pointer.

Avoid vertical long hair or short hair on the hair style. Which makes you look old and stiff, and further lengthen the face length. It is most appropriate to use a fluffy hair style. In particular, the fluffy thickness of the crotch can cover the slenderness of the cheek. If it is a sports hairstyle, the design should be lowered on the top and widened on both sides. This can reduce the length of the face. Leave a few strands of hair to enhance the modern sense, the back hair should cut out of the slope. Thick and orderly, enhance the three-dimensional sense of the entire head.

Diamond face wig hairstyle matching

The diamond face has a narrow and narrow chin with the widest cheekbones in the middle and two eyes protruding. The entire upper half is an equilateral triangle and the lower half is an inverted triangle. Therefore, the most suitable hair style is that the hair near the cheek bone is as close to the head as possible. The hair above and below the cheek bone is as loose as possible. The bangs are full and can make your forehead look wider. Short hair should make a heart-shaped outline, and long hair should make an elliptical outline.

Heart-shaped face hairstyle

The reverse triangle commonly called the melon face or the heart face. This kind of face type has a face that is red and fat. Because the chin is slender and petite, a pair of weak can not help but wind. But this kind of face is weak and affectionate. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the advantages of suppleness and faintness in hair style selection. And at the same time, do not let the thin chin become the focus of the face. And use the hair to divert the line of sight.

Heart-shaped face wig hairstyle

Make your face look plump and the medium-length hairstyle is the most suitable. The hair is high and soft, and the sides are bulky and curly. It is best not to use natural styles such as straight short hair and straight long hair. Because the simple style will make the face more monotonous. Applicable hair styles best divided into four or six, in order to reduce the sharp contrast of the upper width to the chin. The thick hair of the hair can make the head look stable and remove the feeling of lightness. The thick and curly hair extensions behind the neck is elegant and lively. It is the easiest to attract the attention of others, thus reducing the weak feeling of the pointed chin.

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