Autumn girls short hair

The start of the school season in September is the beginning of the new semester for the students, and the arrival of the new month for the office workers. In autumn girls short hair, it is right to face the new style on different occasions. If you are beautiful, you may wish to consider replacing yourself with a new hairstyle. The beauty of your daily dress will also be better. Which of the following groups of girls do you prefer?


Autumn girls short hair style

The arrival of the new month is the beginning of the school season! For women, regardless of age, there is a love of beauty. If you want to dress up and improve your temperament, it is not only beautiful clothes, but also your hair style is very important. Now that short hair is so popular, are you going to give yourself a chance to try a short haircut? Put yourself in a short hair style in late summer and early autumn!

Egg roll short hair style

How do short hairs look good? For a lot of short-haired girls, I always want to burn myself a curly hair, but I don’t know what short hair is good? If you are still struggling, consider this Korean-style egg roll perm. The micro-volume creates a Korean-style water ripple perm, which not only increases the volume of hair, but also is very fashionable.

Medium short hair style

How to take care of short hair extensions in the middle? The easiest way is to use this short haircut to trim the neck, the hair ends to burn out, and the middle and no bangs design, while dyeing hair on the brown hair, whether it is a melon face, a big face or a circle Face girls are very suitable to enhance the warmth of autumn and cool.

Neat bangs short hair style

Very suitable for the student party group neat bangs short hair wave head. The bangs of the eyebrows are casually fiddling, and the short shoulders with the length just falling on the shoulders, even the round face is also very suitable. In the fall, changing such a hairstyle will definitely create a small lazy fashion style. Age-aged and face-lifting and playful.

Partial short hair style

To say what short hair style face is that it must be a short hair style with partial design. It is also very good in terms of care. It only needs to match the short hair with a large partial design. The side with less hair is smashed to the back of the ear, and the other side is slid down the face. It is easy to face-lift and face-lifting. It is suitable for all kinds of faces. try.

Student short hair style

The short hair of the students is not only age-reducing but also very Japanese. For those who like Japanese style, this short hair is worth trying. The tail is trimmed with a rich layer of small broken feeling, with neat bangs with eyebrows, and Liu Haixiu’s face on both sides of the cheeks are small, which is a short hair style that is very suitable for autumn and winter.

Secondary short hair

Shenyue, who likes Japanese style, has always liked short hair styles. It is also a very suitable one for everyday wear, not only for the look and feel, but also for fashion. It seems to be a very simple wave head design, with the bangs on the eyebrows to create a second-class beauty girl temperament. Very suitable for student girls and light mature women to put on.

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