The best thing to watch this year is short hair

Short hair styles are varied and varied, but now the girls have their own ideas, knowing that they are not necessarily complicated, they are good-looking and individual, and the simple and fresh short hair can be super beautiful, and the daily care is simple and convenient. Let’s take a look at these beautiful short hairs.

The hottest hairstyle this year is no doubt a good looking short hair

Style 1

The thin and slanted bangs are short-lived with a layer of simple hair. Just by trimming different gradients, the shape looks more fluffy and layered, and the hairpins add a personality to the shape. This style is not only popular now, but the new year doesn’t seem to be out.

Style 2

The slanting bangs wave head is slightly hot to make the shape fluffy, not only to increase the fashion. But also to visually face and face, it is also awesome. The short hair wave head design combined with the brown hair dye brightens the girl’s skin a few degrees, making the girl change perfect.

Style 3

This short hair is more personalized with different gradients. The thin and slanted bangs and horns not only have the effect of slimming face, but also make the girl look feminine.

Style 4

The shape of the inner buckle wave head is cleverly combined with the inner buckle tail and the oblique bangs to modify the face shape, so that the sister has a small face in an instant. And this short hair wave head shape is the first choice for girls to try short hair. It is not too exaggerated, and not so difficult to control.

The hottest hairstyle this year is no doubt a good looking short hair

short hair

Style 5

In addition to the modified face shape, the asymmetrical oblique bangs can add a mystery to the girl, which is more attractive. The human hair on the upper layer is slightly permed and then disturbed to add a stylish personality to the shape.

Style 6

The dark brown short hair and tail micro-volume design makes the hair more atmospheric. With a red lip makeup that looks like a fried chicken charm. If you mix it with pink lips, it will become very fresh. How can such a versatile styling girl not like it?

Style 7

The oblique bangs of the eyebrows cover the big forehead to create a small face. The layered wave head shape can not only enhance the temperament charm of the girl itself. But also make the short hair wave head more fashionable and individual.

Style 8

The simple short hair is just a layer of trimming and brown hair coloring makes the girl look very temperament. Fresh and elegant, suitable for daily work and suitable for dating after work.

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