Boy blowing hair skills

Boy blowing hair skills, Before splitting the hair, you should first determine the position of the head seam. Use a comb to comb the hair from front to back, let the hair appear naturally. Then pick it up.

Steps and tricks for boys to blow their hair

Boy blowing hair skills●Separate seam

Before blowing, you should first determine the position of the head seam. Use a comb to comb the short hair extensions uk from front to back, let the hair appear naturally in the pattern. Then use the pick and then comb to the sides to make the skin between the seams, forming a straight line – Head seam. There are different divisions such as quotation, two-eighth, three-seven, and four-six. When blowing a male hairstyle. Half of the hair is in Dalian, and half of the hair is small. If you have a head seam, start with a big side and start blowing. If you don’t split your head, blow the right side and blow the left side. After the two are blown, blow the top and finally blow the hair in front of the forehead.

Boy blowing hair skills●Blow the big side

After the head seam is divided, use a comb to hold the large side of the hair, and keep the back of the comb and the scalp at a certain distance. Then use the hair dryer to supply air to the seam. For each wind, the back of the comb will be flattened, and the hair roots will be sideways to make the seam clear. Simultaneously. Use the comb teeth to lift the hair root of the head slightly upwards. The comb teeth are slightly rotated from the hair root to the hair rod, and the hair is blown loosely. Make the hair’s large outline look full.

Boy blowing hair skills

Boy blowing hair skills●Blow the small side

Start blowing from the back of the head and blow to both sides step by step. Then blow to the small side, the hair dryer is blown from the head seam to the back of the brain, blowing while combing, the hair dryer mouth is facing the hair rod, the comb and the hair dryer can take different angles, the back of the comb should not press the hair too low, so as not to stick the hair The scalp does not look curved.

Boy blowing hair skills●Blowing head position

Starting from the point near the head seam, the hair is picked up layer by layer with the comb teeth, and the hair dryer moves to the left and right of the hair at the root of the hair under the comb, so that the hair root is tilted to the rear and the hair rod is curved into a curved shape. The hair is combed to the hair of the head. Finally, the horns and the upper ear are blown down.

Boy blowing hair skills●Blowing waves

It can be wave-shaped when blowing large edges. Use a comb to comb the hair diagonally downwards, press the hair with the back of the comb, and gently push it upwards to make the hair at the front end of the comb teeth bulge and form a wave. When blowing, the wind should move with the comb, while pushing and blowing, so that the waves are fixed. Waves must be layered, requiring front and rear connections and appropriate distances.

Boy blowing hair skills●Blowing the back part of the hair

Generally, long hair can be used to blow the hair by a brush, so that the back hair is naturally curled. When operating, it starts from the face and is layered from the back to the top. Put your hair on the comb and pull the hair roots. The hair yang sends the wind to the hair root, then moves from the hair root to the tail with the brush, and then the hair ends with the brush, the wind slanting against the hair that is turned to fix the hair ends, so that the hair is presented Curly.

Boy blowing hair skills Hair styling tips

The use of the hair dryer has a certain skill, and it can be used properly, so that the hair style can be rounded, the hairline is clear, and the surrounding is flat. If used improperly, it will seriously affect the quality of the hair. When you blow, you must master the following tips:

Boy blowing hair skills●Mastering the angle

When blowing, do not blow the hair straight to the hair. If it is straight to the hair, it is easy to blow the hair. Blow it yellow, blow it dry, and burn the scalp. The correct way to use is: the hair dryer is slanted sideways, the air supply opening has a certain angle with the hair, and different parts have different angles, generally between 15 degrees and 90 degrees. When blowing two hair or hairline edges, hot air is likely to be in direct contact with the skin because of the short hair. When the air is sent to match the hand-to-hand pick-up wind, a gap is formed between the palm and the hair.

Boy blowing hair skills● Master distance

The hair can be docile and curled into various styles, relying on the hot air of the hair dryer and the power of the comb brush, but the air outlet should be kept at an appropriate distance from the hair. If the hair is too far away from the hair on the comb and the hot air disperses quickly, the ice can’t be formed quickly: the distance is too close, the hot air is too concentrated, it is unbearable, and the hair and scalp are also damaged. Therefore, correctly grasp the distance between the two. Generally, the distance between the air outlet and the hair is 3 to 4 cm.

Boy blowing hair skills● Master the time

When blowing, you must correctly grasp the time of air supply. The blowing time is too long, it is easy to blow the head, it is not good to shape, affecting the effect of the hairstyle. The time is too short to achieve the desired effect. Due to the different hair quality of each person, the humidity after washing is different.

It is difficult to set a uniform standard for the blowing time. The blowing time is properly controlled only according to the hair style and the condition of the hair itself. In any case, be careful not to fix the hair dryer at a point, or to circle the hair. So that the heat is not concentrated, affecting the hair dryer effect. Therefore, the hair dryer must move up and down with the comb brush. When blowing, the brush moves slowly. The movement of the hair dryer should be fast, and the blowing time should be just right.

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