Cute wig model user demonstration

I haven’t worn a wig for two or three years. The photos were two or three years ago. At that time, when I was in college, the wig was not as popular now. But at that time, I like to wear a wig. It is almost a few days, and I am always wondering why my hair is long and short.

I remember that the wigs were not so cheap now. I bought almost all of them 160+. These wigs also cost me more than 1000~~~ I didn’t feel bad at the time, I bought it and bought it now. The photos are also very interesting~~~ Look at it is not too outdated.

Not much nonsense, let me introduce it one by one~~~

NO.1 gold brown oblique bangs micro-volume wig

Cute wig

Cute wig

This is my first wig~~ I just didn’t know how to wear it when I bought it. I have toss it for a long time before I put it on. I didn’t have makeup at first. I always felt that it was not worthy of my face. It was added to my head. Something, and later slowly found a truth, wearing a wig must make up, or the hair is beautiful and bright, the face looks sick, it is very strange ~~~~

NO.2 oblique bangs BOBO head

Cute wig

Cute wig

I bought this wig because I was a long hair. I was popping the bobo head at that time, but I couldn’t help myself to cut it, so I just bought a wig and had a short hair addiction~~~~

I remember wearing a wig to go shopping, I was trying on clothes, and a MM came to ask me, where did you cut your hair? ? ? I was at the time and said to her, “This is a wig.”

I saw that the girl was surprised and walked away. I heard her and her friend say, “She is actually a wig.” But it was summer. Wearing a wig is like wearing a hat. I am hot, but beautiful. I am also forbearing.

NO.3 Qi Liu Hai long straight hair

Cute wig

After a long time of curly hair, I became tired of curls, so I bought a long straight hair band, but I feel that it is natural to wear curly hair. If you wear straight hair, if your hair is not well, you will Looks like the empty head of the head

NO.4 oblique fringe curly hair dark brown

Cute wig

Because the color of the golden brown hair is too yellow, I always feel the feeling of fake, it is unnatural on the road, so I definitely buy a dark brown. This wig is my favorite and the longest one I wear. The wig looks very good in color and hair. When I was on the road, there were girls running to ask me where the hair was hot. What is this volume? Ha ha

NO.5 Qi Liu Hai doll roll

Cute wig

This wig is the most unsuccessful one I bought. I feel that I am especially hung~~, and I feel unnatural~~~~~~ That bangs can’t be together, how to trim is useless, so there is not much Introduced ~~~

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