Fashion wig purchase

Fashion wig purchase

What are the details to be aware of when buying a wig?

1, when purchasing a wig, you should choose a color that is similar to your own hair, so that even if the original hair is inadvertently exposed, it will not attract attention due to the color difference.

2, you should choose the appropriate wig to wear, otherwise it will cause scalp discomfort.

3, in addition to picking the color and style you like, you should also carefully check the size and quality of the hair set. All aspects are satisfied to buy. Also note that in the corners and forehead, the wig should be relatively thin so that it fits the skin.

4. It is necessary to keep the wigs clean. The dust and other pollutants in the air are easy to affect the color and smoothness of the wigs, so they should be cleaned frequently, especially in the summer when sweat is a lot of dust.

5, before wearing a wig, you should comb your hair smoothly, then firmly fix your hair, and finally clip the hairpin.

Don’t blindly pursue fashion when choosing your own hairstyle

When choosing your own hairstyle, if you simply pursue fashion boy wig or are too rigidly attached to age, face shape and posture, you can’t achieve good results. Sometimes the “not good” hair style can just show the unique personality just right. Can add charm.

Regardless of hair style or hair color, the most fundamental thing is to maintain good hair. Glossy healthy hair is invaluable. Hair dye can make you look young and beautiful. But you must pay attention to the effect of the dye on the skin. So as not to damage the hair. In addition, do not dye hair before perming, although the perm solution does not have hair dyeing effect. But sometimes it will make the newly dyed color fall. Therefore, dyeing hair after 10 days of perm can be foolproof.

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