Gentle curls, beautiful and charming

Gentle curls, beautiful and charming

This season is still dyed with curly hair. The arrival of winter makes it popular again. It is not only conducive to warmth but also easy to care. The braided hair is the privilege of women’s dress.

Lightness, soothing curve, lady, long scroll

The upper part of the hair is kept straight, and the lower part is rolled up to the end of the hair, and the soothing curve is adjusted according to the overall contour. The full-featured curl is the popular choice for ladies this year, and the hair that is scattered at the bottom makes the overall look more gorgeous and elegant.

Gentle curls

Temperament pear head is naturally not made

The fresh-scented pear head has a very high requirement for temperament. The hair outside the bangs starts to curl up from the hair to the tip, and the horizontal curly hair is more elegant and generous. Then apply an appropriate amount of wax to the hair, giving the hair a more vivid expression.

Gentle curls

Casual mix of curly hair is extremely sweet

From the tip of the hair, the hair is rolled all the way to the place parallel to the ear, and the inner and outer rolls are combined to make the hair more flowing. Let your hair sway around your cheeks and gently fall on your shoulders.
Hair ring is more fashionable and innovative

Choose a large hair ring and tie it on the knot of the hair bundle. Think of the human hair ring as part of the hair, intertwined with other hair strands into a scorpion type, and then fixed with a hairpin. Although it is a haircut, the hair on the face and the faint hair circle create a playful expression in an instant.


Long bangs romantic long curly hair with a rich western flavor

Longer hair with a slightly weaker level can choose this romantic long scroll, retaining a slightly thicker texture, while making romantic and natural curls, it feels like no added decoration, full of deep Western flavor.


Let the curve flow on the shoulders, ponytail is still romantic

Naturally, long curly hair is tied to one side, although it is just a few minutes to complete the ponytail shape. The most natural and unpretentious, but let your temperament flow out, without spending too much time, romantic curly hair on the right shoulder is elegant.


Soft fluffy A-shaped BOB head short hair

The shape of the BOB head with a large inner roll can make the face widened visually. Which can modify the face shape. Liu Hai also made a skewed curl, which is the crowning touch of the whole hairstyle, avoiding the childish feeling brought by Qi Liuhai.


Elegant line of short hair

Do not make too much thinning on the hair, the hair has not undergone too much modification. Just make the hair on both sides of the cheek more curved. The arc-shaped partiality of the bangs dignified reveals mature femininity. Such hair style is the most Suitable for small face MM.


Elegant short hair tied up side ponytail cute and cute

Put your face and hair in a cluster and gather it with your clips. The side lines are clear and the lines are clear. The lazy ones will not be messy. Wearing hair accessories is more special ladies, and Liu Hai creates a sense of texture and layering. The details reveal a playful and playful mind.

Full short hair + soothing hair

The outline of the hairline that is gathered inward. With the natural fluffy bangs, the fluffy hair contours wrap the face. Fits the face very well, and modifies the flaws of the imperfect face.

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