Hair Causes of split ends

Hair splits, in daily life, for a variety of reasons may lead to split ends, there should be a lot of female friends will encounter this situation, I am no exception.

There are many reasons for hair dryness, such as malnutrition, chemical damage, sun exposure, long-term smoking, lack of sleep, etc., so the hair is split, we must learn to find reasons and solutions.

The alkaline component and oxidation of the perm hair dyeing water will cause the scales on the surface of the hair to be destroyed.

Keeping the internal structure of the hair unprotected will cause the loss of internal moisture and nutrients, which is harmful to the hair, scalp and hair follicles, and will more or less degenerate the keratin of the hair, making the hair easy to yellow and split. No gloss, no elasticity.

Hair Causes of split ends

In daily life, many people go to the mall to buy shampoo, they all like to choose those suitable for oily hair, anti-dandruff and other functional shampoo, this is not a very correct choice.

Because the functional shampoo is a very effective shampoo with alkali, it is best to choose a suitable shampoo when choosing shampoo.

When doing daily outdoor activities, be careful to prepare for skin care. For example, prepare a large hat to prevent damage to the hair caused by sun exposure. After the activity, you should wash your hair well, especially after sun exposure or seawater soaking. It should thoroughly moisturize damaged hair.

If the temperature of the hair dryer is too high, the hair tissue will be damaged. If the hair is damaged, the hair will be split and yellowed. Therefore, it is better to use the hair dryer less or not. If you really need it, you should also dry your hair as much as possible before blowing, and apply a layer of conditioner on it.

Hair Causes

The daily care of the hair is also very important. For example, after the hair is dyed, the hair is very fragile, so when the hair is washed, you can use some shampoos that suit you to care and repair the hair. It is very necessary.

Hair Causes of split ends

Add more nutrients in daily life, such as protein. Protein is the main component of hair, so eat more eggs, meat, beans, milk and other foods rich in protein. Iodine can increase the luster of the hair, so eating more marine plants such as kelp and seaweed can increase the brightness of the hair and make the hair look healthy.

Adequate sleep habits can maintain the body’s normal metabolism, while the hair can also achieve growth.

Develop good habits, pay attention to less smoking, less alcohol, smoking, drinking and damage to the hair is very large. Eat more foods that are good for hair growth, this is very important for short hair wigs care.

For most girls, when our hair grows to a certain length, if it is not trimmed in time. It will cause disorder of oil metabolism in the scalp. And it is prone to split ends and affect the health of the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular repairs of the hair. Which not only prevents the occurrence of split ends. But also makes the hair look smooth and shiny, and at the same time promotes better hair growth.

The horn comb combs the scalp to increase the nutrition of the hair. At the same time, it can enhance the vitality of the scalp cells. Do not comb with a nylon comb. The nylon comb is easy to generate static electricity, which will bring bad stimulation to the scalp.

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