How to care for curly hair

To create a curly hairstyle, you will use a hair lotion, which may damage your hair. Therefore, we need to repair and care for the hair after the curly hair. So, how to care after the hair is hot? Next, the skin care experts will introduce some hair care secrets for you.

Repair nourishing shampoo

Some shampoos that need nourishment are needed, or shampoos designed for curly hair can be used to promote hair absorption.

curly hair

Large tooth comb for combing curly hair

When shampooing, you can use a large-toothed comb to comb the hair, and then use some hair conditioner to repair the hair.

Don’t blow your hair with a hair dryer

After washing your hair, don’t blow your hair with a hair dryer. The heat of the hair dryer is relatively high, which will excessively blow away the moisture on the hair and make the hair crepe. Rinse naturally or with a water-absorbent towel.

Hair is 70% dry to use elastin

If the hair is 70% dry, use the elastic element to grab the curl of the curl. It is best not to comb with a comb after the hair is dry. When the hair is hydrated, you can go to the hair salon and let the hairdresser blow the flowers for you.

Use your fingers to gently grab your hair and make a haircut

Every morning, you should first moisturize the water and then use a moisturizing long hair wig care product. Try not to comb with a comb, but use your fingers to gently grasp the hair to manage the hairstyle you want.

Hot hair, more or less there will be some damage, we need to repair these injuries, so that the hair quality is not damaged and affected. Careful care of your hair is vital to your hair care. If you are also just making curly hair, just try these treatments.

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