How to care for hair extensions wigs

How to care for hair extensions wigs, how to extend the life of the hair extension uk

Dry the water with a dry towel and comb it in two stages

After washing the head, gently wrap it with a dry towel and press the wet hair to absorb most of the water. Don’t force yourself, otherwise it will be easy to drop. Then prepare a large tooth comb to comb the hair, do not comb it to the end. It is best to use the other hand to catch the joint, combing in two sections.

How to care for hair extensions wigs

standing Shunfa spray

One of the drawbacks of hair extension is that you can’t comb your hair as you like. Especially after being blown up by the wind. If you have the help of Shunfa Spray, it will be much easier, and you can straighten your hair with your fingers.

How to care for hair extensions and wigs

hair extensions wigs

shampoo by relying on the squat

When washing your hair, pour the shampoo into your palm. Add a little water to the foam, apply it evenly on your hair, and gently wash it from top to bottom. Another point to note is that you should never bend over and wash your hair.

hair care should also use hair conditioner

Because the real hair is connected, proper use of conditioner can make the hair smoother and not easy to knot.

wigs should be regularly treated

Wigs purchased from professional wigs can be sent back regularly with professional cleaning agents. If it is bought by a general store, you can clean it yourself in a nourishing shampoo. Soak the wig in the cold water for a few minutes, then change the water and add 2 drops of shampoo. Stir well by hand and then soak in a ventilated place.

blowing along the hair

If you have a large roll after the hair extension, you can use the windshield to add a hood to the hair. If it is straight hair, it is necessary to control the air volume and slant it along the hair flow to dry. In addition, the wind blown by the blower should be kept at a constant temperature.

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