How to care for straight hair

A supple black long straight hair is what many girls dream of, but the hair is black enough long enough but not straight enough, so choose to straighten the hair, but how to care for straight hair? I want my hair to pour down like a waterfall, but I can’t bear to look straight because the hair is damaged, or I want to keep my hair straight for a long time, but I don’t know how to keep it worse! The sister paper with the above problems quickly went to the text to learn how to care for straight hair!

How to care for straightened hair? 5-step hair care has a supple black long straight

Correct shampooing

Do not use overheated water when washing your hair. Hot water will make your scalp very uncomfortable. When applying shampoo products, use your fingertips to scratch your scalp. Do not use your nails to buckle. Scratch each place with your fingertips, gently press down on the scalp with your fingertips, and rinse the shampoo on the scalp at the end.

Using conditioner

straight hair

You can apply a proper amount of conditioner to the hair ends when you wash your hair, because straightening the hair has some damage to the hair, and the conditioner has a certain repair effect on the hair. It is recommended that you choose some good hair conditioners. After cleaning your hair, gently apply it to the hair-finished area. After 2 minutes, rinse off the conditioner.

How to care for straightened hair? 5-step hair care has a supple black long straight

Massage hair

In order to restore the hair as soon as possible after the hair is straightened. In addition to professional repair and care, you can also massage the scalp. Because the hair’s own nutrients come from the scalp, massage the head. Can make the blood circulation more smooth, help the scalp to secrete oil. However, it must be noted that the intensity of the massage should also be determined according to the quality of the hair. For oily hair, pay attention to the lightness of the force. And for dry hair, it is better to use some strength to massage.

Hair mask

After straightening, you can make a hair mask to care for the hair, because the hair mask has the effect of deep repairing the hair, and it is OK once a week. It is best not to apply it to the scalp when using the hair mask to avoid excessive secretion of scalp oil. Apply a full massage to the hair after applying the mask. And put on a shower cap for hot steaming to allow the hair to absorb nutrients better.

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