How to prevent middle-aged people from losing hair?

How to prevent middle-aged people from losing hair?

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1, genetic reasons

The most important reason for the loss of middle-aged people is the genetic cause. Hair loss is a dominant genetic inheritance in men and recessive inheritance in women. That is to say, men who have a hair loss gene will have hereditary hair loss, and women must At the same time, there are two hair loss genes that will lose hair. And female hereditary hair loss will not be as bald as a man, only getting sparse.

2, work, life, and aspects of stress are the causes of hair loss in middle-aged people

Stress in work and life can be very irritating to female friends, which can cause adverse consequences such as nervousness, emotional instability, and insomnia. Excessive pressure can lead to the occurrence of alopecia areata. These factors can also affect the secretion of hormones in the body, making the secretion of oil too strong and blocking the hair follicles. Eventually it affects the circulation of blood in the head, causing malnutrition of the scalp, and the hair does not absorb enough nutrients to fall off, leading to hair loss in middle-aged people.

3, female menopause leads to losing hair in middle-aged women

When middle-aged women are in menopause, the functions of various organs in the body begin to decline, and the secretion of estrogen will gradually decrease, leading to the phenomenon of hair loss.

4, perm hair dyeing too frequent causes losing hair

Frequent perm hair dyeing, the chemical syrup will cause serious damage to the scalp, and secondly. It will damage the hair quality, making the hair easy to become dry and dull. Both of these causes hair loss in middle-aged people. happened.

5. Malnutrition or uneven diet leads to hair loss in middle-aged people

Some middle-aged female friends have hair loss because they are too slim and go dieting. As a result, the hair becomes yellow. Dull and easily broken due to lack of sufficient nutrient supply, which leads to a lot of hair loss. In addition, unbalanced eating habits can also lead to hair loss in middle-aged women. Such as eating too much spicy and greasy food in the diet, or eating sweets often.

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