Medium long hair style DIY pastoral style

The medium long hair style that is considered to be difficult to build can be transformed into a cute and lovely hairstyle by using hair accessories. This issue introduces you how to make two cute hairstyles popular in DIY spring and summer!

Half-beam hair + pearl hairpin showing the forehead. Make your face look more three-dimensional, and create an exaggerated fluffy look on the top of the head, creating a gorgeous feeling.

Fixed half beam. Brush the upper part of the hair and secure it with a clip.

Create a fluffy feeling. Use a pointed tail comb to pick up the top of the head to create a fluffy feel.

Medium long hair style DIY pastoral style

medium long hair style

Wear card issuing side by side. Put two fine hairpins on the head side by side for fixing.

Screw side bundle + black bow card. Short hair divided into upper and lower parts, decorated with moist bangs, and the unique bangs effect adds a sense of cuteness.

Create a personality bangs. Use a clip to twist the bangs into a wave and fix it.

Fixed remaining hair. Fix the rest of the hair on the lower right side of the back of the head

Wearing ornaments. The bow hairpin decorated at the end of the long curly hair extensions and fixed.

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