Pretty long hair maintenance four steps

For long-haired hair lovers, if you want to make your hair better, you need to use some methods to maintain your hair. Your hair is healthy and you can have a flowing hair style. So, how to maintain the Pretty long hair? Here are four simple steps to make you have beautiful long hair.

The four steps to care for hair:

Pretty long hair

First: massage the scalp before washing

Before the official shampoo, massage the scalp with a special scalp care product to help soothe the scalp that is tight due to pressure or hair, and to suppress excessive oil from the scalp. Massage is recommended on dry hair, and you must use your fingertips. Never use your nails to lick your scalp. During massage, follow the order from bottom to top and massage in a spiral to promote blood circulation. The frequency of shampooing every day, scalp massage 2 or 3 times a week, the most ideal.

Second: choose shampoo

When choosing a shampoo, the most important consideration is whether this shampoo fits your scalp. The shampoo must first remove the oily secretions from the scalp, followed by the removal of the residue and dust on the hair. For people with dry hair oily scalp, in fact, choose a shampoo suitable for oily hair. As for the dry and dry hair of the hair, it can be improved by the hair products.

Third: Do you really wash your hair?

Before shampooing, you must first comb the hair and comb the tangled hair. The long hair must be combed from the end of the hair before it will cause unnecessary pulling and damage to the hair. Then rinse the hair with water to completely moisten, then dilute the shampoo in the palm of your hand and dilute the shampoo. Do not pour the shampoo directly onto the scalp, then use the hair as a starting machine, which will stimulate the scalp. The water temperature at the end of the rinsing should not be too cold or too hot. The water temperature is about 40 °C, which is ideal for close to the body temperature. At the same time, remember to use the shower-type faucet. If the water column is too strong, it will cause damage to the scalp.

Fourth: the correct use of hair dryer

Wash the hair, do not blow it immediately, first pat it with a dry towel, wrap it, take a part of the water, then blow it with a hair dryer, first blow the inner layer of hair, then blow the outer layer, do not open to the strong heat file, try to use low temperature Hair dryer, while the hair dryer should be at least 8cm away from the scalp, and it is recommended to change hands.

The above is the maintenance cheats of the long flowing hair. The health of your hair will affect your hair style, so if you have problems with your hair, you must solve it in time. Hair care is as important as skin care, so don’t ignore hair care issues in your daily life.

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