Short hair wigs in the fall, just pick one

Short hair in the fall, just pick one

In recent years, short hair styles are especially popular, so what short hair is popular in 2018? Don’t worry, the following small series will bring you a set of 2018 fashion short hair styles. These hairstyles are all super-looking, so let’s take a look.

 Short hair wigs in the fall, just pick one

Medium short hair

Short hair wigs

The short hair of the temperament design can be popular, not only the temperament but also the use of the two sides of the hair to modify the face, with straight hair short hair style, immediately tempering doubled!

If you feel that the straight hair is too monotonous, you can try to burn the pony tail into a small roll of the inner buckle, which can make the head shape full and fashionable, and the short hair is long and long, and it will gradually become the pear head. very nice.

The short straight hair of the simple style is also one of the short hair of 2018 fashion. The straight hair of the straight hair looks clean and neat, and the hair on both sides is matched with the + casual hat. The handsome and casual style is full.

Now the girls like to cut this male head, refreshing and handsome, and have a fake kid feeling, the long bangs that are casually opened are even more handsome.

This is a typical two-element short-haired hairstyle. The tail is slightly cocked and looks like a personality. With the short bangs of the second-element style, it is really fashionable and not wanting.

 Short hair wigs in the fall, just pick one

I believe that all the Royal Sisters will fall in love with this 2018 fashion short hair. The partial design can modify the face shape and create a sense of asymmetry. The focus is on the intellectual and feminine.

Air bangs is a must-have for sweet girls, with a short hair style can be fresh and sweet. Even if it is directly tied into a small ponytail is also very fashionable. The ponytail hair slightly awkward to add a cute feeling.

The short hair of the perm design has always been popular, and the simple hair can make the style become fashionable. It is also very good to wear a cute hair band like this, which is both refreshing and beautiful.

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