Six tips for long hair care

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Many long-haired girls may feel that long-haired care is very annoying, and they don’t like to take care of them. Some girls simply cut off three thousand troubles. In fact, in daily beauty and skin care, long hair maintenance requires the use of small tips. As long as you follow these tips to maintain your hair, your long hair must be very healthy. So, what are the tips for maintaining long hair?

long hair

1. Select exclusive hair products

The first secret of wanting to grow any length of hair is to use a product that is specific to your hair type, which requires you to clearly understand your hair type. There are many types of hair types, such as normal, dry, thick, curly, straight, etc. Which one do you belong to?

2, use a high quality comb

If you want good hair quality, it is necessary to invest in a high quality comb. Natural bristle brushes or round brush brushes are great. In short, you need a comb that is strong enough and soft and won’t pull your hair off easily. It is better to use a wide-toothed comb in the knotted hair.

3, just wear your hair

Tightly tied may damage your hair, so you should try to avoid ponytails or braids, and if necessary, tie the loose tweezers to avoid too tight. In addition, the hair is not dry yet. When it is in a damp state, it is best not to tie it up.

4, keep it dry naturally

In order to keep your hair in top condition, every time you wash your hair, keep it dry as long as you have the conditions. Avoid rubbing or twisting with a dry towel, as this will seriously damage your hair. The correct way is to gently pat the skin with a soft towel or cotton pad to squeeze out excess water. If you have to use a hair dryer, try to choose a cold air setting.

5, regular pruning

Another trick to keep your human hair extensions is to cut it regularly so that it locks its beautiful look. We all know that hair will be split when it is not trimmed for a long time, so every 6-8 weeks of trimming will trim the splits in time, making the hair tips look more neat and the hair grow faster.

6, pay attention to hair accessories

Many girls love beauty, so they like to wear some accessories. However, these accessories sometimes cause hair loss. Therefore, we must pay attention to our hair when wearing jewelry. Also pay attention to the small hair accessories that are commonly used, avoid any metal clips directly touching the hair, because it will break your hair and cause damage to the hair. Pay attention to the clips that are wrapped in outer garments.

There are many ways to maintain your hair. As long as you are good at discovering and sticking to it, your hair will become beautiful.

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