Suitable for long curly hair in winter

Autumn and winter are perfect for long curly hair styles, not only can create a romantic beauty of the scene, but also give people a warm healing feeling, and long curly hair, shawl or hair is super beautiful, want to change long hair curls The girls can come and see.

The big wave volume is the hair style with the highest exit rate. It is suitable for daily use and can be used as a representative for some important occasions. The romantic feeling of the big romantic is not overly exaggerated, with a large partial bangs, very temperament, quite goddess. A long curly hair, romantic and sexy.

Suitable for long curly hair in winter

long curly hair

Long hair micro-volume is the first styling of many girls. This year, it is especially popular. This is just a long curly hair with a micro-volume. The overall appearance is super natural. Whether it is with a partial or a middle score, it is very flavorful. Behind the ear, super soft.

The egg roll is perm, and some of the noodles feel, but because the curvature is relatively large, it does not look very exaggerated, and it is very popular with the chocolate color that is now very popular. With air bangs, the whole shape looks sweet and a little temperament.

This valgus curls, the face is a little fleshy, or the face of the girl is very friendly, very modified face shape, the valgus roll makes a fluffy feeling, very clever help to create a slap face, with a big bias More temperament, the sweet salt style is free to switch.

This is also a micro-curly type, starting from the position of the eyebrows, making hair on both sides of the cheek, including bangs and broken hair, making different levels of curly hair, creating a three-dimensional sense, looking very lazy. A long curly hair style.

Suitable for long curly hair in winter

There is another taste when the hair is not dyed. This natural hair color long curly hair is very eye-catching. The hair is curled and the bangs are also turned into a roll. The natural black has become the characteristic of this curl, very retro and very charming.

The long curly hair style of the tail buckle is simple, and the curvature is simpler and more straight hair, but there is no monotony feeling like straight hair. The super-careful hair style is simple and durable.

The long hair perm in the micro-volume will be slightly lighter and temperament. The slight curly hair will make the long hair look more natural. There is a kind of faint temperament. The hair tail can cut a little layering and some small maturity. , a little temperament of a curly hair.

This long curly fashion wigs, the place where the curl is made is concentrated in the tail of the hair, and the hair extension will look more playful. The hair on both sides will also be infused with a slight sensation of air, creating a v-shaped face, more reiki, natural black. It looks more classic and very temperament.

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