What should I do if I have less hair?

Beauty skin care experts have found that some friends are born with less hair, which is more suitable for short hair styles when hairdressing. In addition to using hair styles to cover up the problem of hair, you can also use some hair care secrets to make your hair grow better. Here’s a recipe for taking care of your hair.

For women with scarce hair, the best is short hair uk. The hair on the top of the head should be cut into layers to cover up the scarce hair and make the hair look full. If the hair is slender, it must also be layered and cut. The top of the head is divided into two layers. The sides are slightly longer, the back is longer, and the feet are flat to show fullness.

Perm can make your hair look fuller, but many hair thinners often can’t find the ideal hair care product. The only way is to test it with a strand of hair and see how much time it takes to perm. When perming, the boundary should not be straight, and it is better to have a Z-shaped line to avoid the appearance of unclear after the hair is dry.

less hair short hair

What should I do if I have less hair? Comb therapy

Comb 100 times a day, not only can stimulate the hair follicles, but also make the hair gap well ventilated. Because the hair is most likely to sweat and is covered by hot air. So often comb hair can prevent hair loss and dandruff.

The distribution line is often changed because the distribution line remains in the same place all the time. Which causes the line to be exposed to the sun and dry, resulting in thinning of the hair. In addition, the distribution line is often changed, and the fun of changing various hairstyles can be added.

If you don’t have too much hair, you can try these hair care books. There are many reasons for the lack of hair, such as daily hair loss, unhealthy eating and so on. Find the real reason for your hair to be less, and you can better prevent problems with less hair.

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