Wig wearing method, How to bring a wig?

Wig wearing method, How to bring a wig?

Wig wearing

1: The long hair bangs and the hair on both sides, curled with a curling iron according to the curl of the wig.

2: Liu Hai, the hair extensions on both sides is separated, and the remaining hair is tied into a ponytail.

3: temporarily fix the long hair on both sides of the head with a hair clip

4: Take out the most prepared mesh headgear.

5: Put the pony tail into the mesh headgear.

6: The pony tail caught in the mesh headgear.

7: Fix the bun with a black hair clip.

8: Take out the wig and sort it out.

9: Attach the wig to the mesh headgear.

S10: Adjust the wig slightly and fix it.

11: Gently separate the wigs by hand.

12: Make sure the wig fixed.

13: Take a thin hair and use a comb to scrape down.

14: Use a comb to comb the front hair back and press the cover of the wig.

15: Slightly tidy up the bangs and curls.

16: Combing the curls with the real hair with a comb and hand to make the whole hairstyle more natural.

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