Winter is best for these hair colors

One year’s winter has arrived. Many girls in this white season will change their image. People often say that summer is an impetuous season, autumn is a busy harvest season, but winter is a season of enjoyment, enjoy creating their own happiness and some yearning. More and more girls are starting to change their hair style or change the hair color in winter. So what color is suitable for the winter? This article will share with you the role of different colors in the winter.”

Black sesame hair colors

The black and shiny curls will be specially white and delicate, and the four or six points of the bangs will be scattered on both sides. The middle to the tip of the hair will be made into a large volume, full of elasticity, and the curvature of the bangs and cheeks will be more refined. beautiful. In fact, black hair is more suitable for autumn and winter, autumn and winter, our clothes are darker in color, and the dress is thicker, so the darker colors are more harmonious and will not look awkward. Looking at the Japanese TV drama, I have to say that even the cherry blossom sisters who love dyeing hair have come to the autumn and winter, and they all reinvent the colorful hair into the black hair of the Asians themselves. This natural black is also a temptation.

Winter is best for these hair colors
Wheat hair colors

Because the yellow is too bright and eye-catching, you may become a killer when you are not careful, so if you want to match it, you must work hard on your makeup. Or, learn Amber, dye a less pure yellow. The part near the hair root is pure brown, with short hair with a small volume, handsome. In the autumn sun, the yellow color seems to blend with the light, making the whole person very soft. Girls with short hair or boys with long hair should be bold.

Variety brown hair colors

Feeling black is too dull, yellow is too bright? The body is already wrapped in air, how can the hair be lost to cold weather? The bright dark color can make a good look, and if you want to brighten it, you can’t be too awkward, so brown is an excellent choice. There are many kinds of brown, coffee brown, chestnut brown, red brown… Different hair colors can present different styles.

The browns like Krystal and Luna are different, but the sunshine that meets the autumn is exceptionally harmonious, and the slightly messy hair reveals a lazy feeling, creating a warm feeling. According to different costumes, it can present different styles, and sometimes it can be a woman, a sweet woman, and sometimes a sister. At the same time, this hair color does not pick the skin color, but also has a white effect, it is really the first choice for the warm women in autumn.

Chestnut hair colors

Chestnut color is a popular hair color in recent years. Whether it is curly hair or straight hair, natural chestnut color can be very suitable. But girls with darker skin should choose carefully, because chestnut color is likely to make your skin look dull. Hair dyeing has always been the preferred hair color for fashion women. chose chestnut color, and atmospheric fashion girls can also try boldly. It doesn’t matter if the skin is yellow, and it has the effect of alleviating the dark yellow skin!

Sweet chocolate hair colors

Chocolate color is more suitable for autumn and winter, and chocolate color will give people a beautiful femininity. Korean actor Shen Miner and idol group KARA with Hola chose chocolate. The chocolate color and the thick bangs with slight side points play a very good childish effect. Chocolate is suitable for all kinds of skin. And the fresh and fashionable hair style will not be reduced in the autumn and winter of 2018.

Tips: Suitable for reddish colors, such as copper red, pinkish pink, with beige red. Dark complexion: Choose a brown or light brown color that is 2-3 degrees lighter than the original hair color, such as chestnut color. The skin color is pale: young people can choose light gold and brown gold close to the skin color; for older ones, they can be thicker and have a reddish brown color. Reddish complexion: Do not use reddish color, choose brown or linen.

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